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13 June 2016
Web Technology
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Apple and Google own the platforms which defines approx. 29 percent of the time we spend looking at our screens, this is the share of our attention for mobile devices. Although most of the developers for these apps are independent, and they are responsible to control our experience using these gadgets. The platform owners i.e. GOOGLE and APPLE don’t really run their app universes, and it’s hard for them to predict how much money they will make from apps.

Now, both Apple and Google are trying to nudge developers toward the most predictably lucrative business model – selling subscriptions. Just filling the app stores and hoping that it will drive consumers to buy devices is no longer a viable strategy, so now they want the users to buy subscriptions.

Both platform owners are trying to kick their dependencies on a certain revenue stream: iPhone sales for Apple, ad sales for Google. The app stores are important for these efforts. Rather, the platform companies appear intent to regulate what happens within the app stores.

Right now the stores are full of apps nobody wants or needs. So the main priority of both the platform owners should be removing the unnecessary apps and just create a business model where the apps are marketed based on some testing and standards. But instead of doing this, they are focusing on something which will help them drive immediate revenue which might be a wrong call. All in all time will tell what is the outcome for this.

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