Welcome to ONS Tech

With over 4 years of global presence headquartered in Zirakpur,India. ONS Tech strives for client satisfaction by utilizing technology to produce great end results. Having served for more than 300+ assignments, we are ranked among the best new outsourcing and product based companies in the region. Our sole motto is our end customer satisfaction. Our vision is to simplify technology and utilizing it to produce innovative and exciting products.


Our Three Formulas To Success


Think how we can simplify a project and provide a user-friendly end result.


Deliver the project by utilizing the best technology and coding practices.


Repeat the process and utilize an efficient team of developers to reach larger audience.

Q. Why ONS Tech ?

“We have a proven track record and a 100% client satisfaction rate. We look into the detailed requirement of the assignment undertaken. According to the complexity of the requirement we do allocate task-specific resources so to make it a success. Once a client always a family member.”

Q. How is the project output tracked ?

“We do remain in constant touch with our end customers through emails and voice calls. All the updates are circulated through the project head to the end customer. Plus we also use project management tools like- Asana, Jira and ONS tracker.”

Q. What makes you different from others ?

“We understand the client’s requirement as if we are creating the application for our-self. We focus on specific things which can help us create a cost effective application. ONS Tech is here to provide quality web applications at an affordable price.”

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319 3rd Floor D/E Block
Chandigarh Citi Center, Zirakpur